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Artist: William Johnston

'AKAs, Parallel Personas & Self Portraits'


Unique Screen Print.

You are bidding on a one of a kind Original/Unique Limited Edition Screen Print.

Hand pulled by the artist using traditional screen printing techniques or hand altered using acrylic paint/oil stick or spray paint.
These print comes from a series of work which experimented with the mathematics of probability as a method to produce a series of originals and unique art works which also led to a large body of accompanying original paintings and installations by the artist William Johnston


'AKA's, Parallel Personas & Self Portraits' looks at the psychology behind personal identity, online behaviour, communication, security and artistic pseudonyms, with the narrative of physics and iconoclasm as a back drop.

Abstract - Graffiti - Street Art - Graphic Art

It would be much appreciated if you were to support me by investing in my work directly and hopefully in the long term I can reward this kindness.

All Prints are Signed/Numbered and Dated.

Edition: 1/1 (Unique Edition: No two are the same or are Hand Altered)

Size: 60 x 42 cms

Medium: Printed by hand onto 100% recycled paper using traditional screen printing techniques.

Please Note: Frame Not Included - but look great displayed as a group in the very affordable £4 IKEA Saxnas Frames.

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